The Grill season is open! So, on Saturday for the first time in this year to those openly fire place with the goal of the food preparation was. Unfortunately not at the beach or at home, but however with my family, which had procured also yummy things to fork out SPECIALLY MY BBQ which I marinated the family’s favorite BBQ of mine…….

On this day we decided to GRILL outside, we went to DRASCHEPARK where a GRILL-AREA is located in 23rd District of Vienna. This not too far away from our place, since we are in the 10th District.
In 17. Century as surge tank builds old lock Inzersdorf and the 1765 southwest of it established, for 1944 by bomb hits destroyed new lock 1965 was cleared away. The originally baroque, later changed lock park, became partially end 20. Century with road courses (A23) covers.

It exists now as public park and/or grill place. It is permitted only at the proven grill place to crickets. In the Franziszei land register of 1818 the entire possession is of regular flight corridors pulled through and as forest park, northwest and west the old lock proven. That southwest the old lock established new lock contains a latebaroque ornamental garden.

In the western connection to it extend fruit trees, utilizable garden and meadows. Of the differentiated room layout of the large property only the Kastanienalleen and field maple hedges remained. Parts of the threshing park are verwaldet by approach. The Mühlbach flowing in the north and the Liesing were seized and adjusted.

Playgrounds and a large grill place were arranged. Formerly in the park of the new lock existing, of George the Raphael thunder around 1765 manufactured, river Gods representing figures, Ebreichsdorf list found in the lock park. The name of the today’s park refers Dra on since 1857 the family possessing both locks of Wartinberg. Easily to confound the threshing park with the Alois Drasche park is in the 4th district.



It’s been a great few weeks, and we’ve been out enjoying the sun, just like today. With beautiful days like we’ve had, it’s time to get grilling. Grilling at lunch, just another day for family grilling!
So what are we to do?? G-R-I-L-L

We seasoned and grilled pork liempo, cobs of corn, chilli, eggplant, again my pork BBQ, and grill sausages made for a great lazy afternoon meal. So far this barbecue season we’ve been eating a lot of pork meat, so hubby and I we decided to add seafoods too. Mussels and shrimps.

Of course fresh mix salad not to forget and cooked rice!
It’s so quick and easy to make all of them.

I’m looking forward to more bbq’s, picnics and potlucks this summer! I can’t wait for all the vegan events happening in the next few weeks or more on weekend!



So you want to know how I cook chicken feet at home? A friend of mine was more than happy when I shared to her family my recipe. The one kilo feet are already cleaned when I bought it from f-eins in 23rd District of Vienna. Then I marinated, with orange juice, dark soy sauce, bayleaf, ginger, onions, some salt, and pepper for about 2 hours then braised until done and the sauce was thickened. See picture down here:)


Unlike what they usually do in the philippines which you could buy from sidewalk vendor or in any asian country. First marinate then braised!
While this down here I cooked it like adobo in barbecue sauce of mama sita’s with rice wine, bayleaf, chillis, onions, pepper corns and some salt. It is also a little bit hot!

My hubby and my daughter loves it both recipe! Specially hubby Hello his family used to use chicken feet in their soup and it was wonderful mostly his auntie Remy. He was raised on a farm, rice and vegetables etc. It is so nice to come across all these wonderful recipes isn’t it?
I remember in the Philippines all about chicken can be eaten like, liver, intestine, or giblet and feet. For some people may be considered fear factor food chicken feet but not for others just like us. They said it is naturally rich in collagen, which is beneficial for looking youthful so I have to cook this regularly…lol…