👩‍🍳This recipe is prepared in a short period of time, together with minute steak and “kangkong at Pusit ( Water Spinach & Squid). For dinner of two, at home. I love Sotanghon the reason why I always see to it is that I have enough stock in my pantry. Sponge Gourd is also good for diabetics serves to lower the sugar levels both in the blood and urine and is rich in fiber too. Studies say boosts Immune System. So why not often cook “Patola” at home.


1 Sponge Gourd or Patola

Tuna Fillet from can


some Olive Oil

4 cloves Garlic

some Water

Fish Sauce or Patis

250g Sotanghon or Glas Noodle




👩‍🍳More than 30 years of married life with all ups and downs we are getting stronger than ever from day to day of our life.

👩🏻‍🍳Ilocos food is surprising, delicious and exotic all at the same time. Bagoong- Salty fermented anchovy is life for us Ilocanos. While the list of Ilocano regional specialities is extensive, dinengdeng, inabraw and soupy vegetables with a bagoong base are among of regional specialities. I love the choices of vegetables that are usually added to this dish.

As we go on this journey, thinking 🤔way back before our two kids came into our lives and now for me it is a huge change.

👩‍🍳Mga naaning gulay sa aming terase na puro dahon, talbos ng kalabasa, talbos ng kamote at kangkong na sinahugan ng inihaw na manok pero yong pakpak lang at kaunting laman dahil ayaw ko nang maraming karne natimplahan ng bagoong. Siyang tanghalian naming mag asawa ngayon. Simpleng lutong bahay at mga gulay na hindi binili lahat ay nagmula sa sariling tanim sa ika anim na palapag ng gusali na aming tinitirahan dito sa Vienna. Masustansiya at walang halong kemikal. Niluto ng aking asawa. Pagkaing bilang gamot sa mga may dayabetes.

👩‍🍳This is our lunch today. Jen’s (niece) last harvest of squash from our terrace urban gardening. Hubby cooked it with a piece of fried Dorado and spleen amaranth/ Kalunay or kulitis seasoned with anchovy sauce/ Bagoong balayan. A very simple way of cooking vegetables the way I like them. And because we are Filipino we ate with rice. But I enjoyed it without rice just vegetables and fish. Thanks for visiting, reading and watching.

👩‍🍳Jute leaves-Saluyot and Spleen Amaranth or Kalunay-Kulitis are both green leafy vegetables as you may know which I always have twice a week. During springtime until the end of summer. Why? Because you could only get fresh during this time from shop and spleen amaranth is for free from fields for picking. Austrian don’t know how to eat it. Hubby’s simple cooking today. Cooked in anchovy sauce with vinegar, garlic and onion. In “Tagalog” we call it “Pinaksiw na Saluyot”. Ate with my brown rice. Good for a diabetic like me.

Our two kids, living their own way of life, hubby and I just like before just the two of us with my two doggies. 🐶

👨‍🍳The difference between frankfurters and Vienna sausage is not Frankfurt. These are two different types of sausages. Worlds of food explain what the Frankfurter and Vienna sausages are all about and which came first. A frankfurter is a thin boiled sausage made from pure pork. But the Muslims made frankfurter out of beef meat. And this usually we can get from Turkey shop also the flatbread. In contrast to the Frankfurter sausages, Vienna sausage consists of pork and beef. That’s what we had for brekky today.

👩‍🍳Ilocos, located at the northern tip of the Philippines is bordered by the China Sea. That’s the place where my late father and hubby came from. Both are from Ilocos Sur. The reason why I love this dish so much especially the choices of vegetables that are usually added to this dish. If you see me cooking lots of meat, that’s for family. I prefer eating more vegetables than meat especially the green leafy ones. here is today’s lunch cooked by my hubby. He added the leftover grilled sea bream from yesterday. Ilocos food is surprising, delicious and exotic all at the same time. Bagoong- Salty fermented anchovy is life for us Ilocanos. While the list of Ilocano regional specialities is extensive, dinengdeng, inabraw and soupy vegetables with a bagoong base are among of regional specialities. 👩‍🍳Thank you so much for watching, please don’t forget to subscribe for more Recipes around the Globe and Eating as Medicine.

👩‍🍳Wiener Schnitzel in German, meaning Viennese cutlet/ Pork Scalope is a traditional Viennese dish, consisting of a thin slice of veal or pork coated in breadcrumbs and fried. The term “Wiener Schnitzel” itself dates to at least 1862 while the Austrian ruled Milan right since the end of the Napoleonic age. Give your kids what they want to eat–yummy recipes that will have them running to the dinner table! Just like what my hubby always did for our 2 kids. Teaching kids to eat healthy foods at a young age will help them develop healthy eating patterns for life. Friendly recipes will help your kids learn to love whole grains most kids should be eating at least 3 times a day. We think your whole family will love them! 👩‍🍳Thank you so much for watching and please don’t forget to like, subscribe and share for more Recipes around the Globe.

Looking for an easy soup? Take it away from my hubby‘s idea without having to buy a bunch of ingredients you rarely use for everyday cooking. These vegetables I always have in our refrigerator freshly bought from Supermarket. As you all know Sunday is soup day for us. Today vegetables with shrimp seasoned with just salt landed on the table.

Cooking for two not for four anymore, missing something, letting go of your adult children is the hardest part.

Pickled cabbage or Sauerkraut is a part of hearty sausages and salty smoked pork on cold days like now. But this time hubby cooked pan-fried pork belly with it. The pickled white cabbage not only tastes good but is also very healthy. It contains vitamin C. Pickled cabbage or Sauerkraut has a high lactic acid content and lots of fibre.

My Kitchen is something that always makes me smile 😃 and is the happiest place for me. Where hubby and I bond most of the time when we’re at home.🏡


👩‍🍳Chicken is a good source of protein which balances blood sugars and provides essential amino acids. If you want to try the original peri-peri sauce first, buy a bottle and use it as a quick marinade for grilled chicken or wings. But this one is homemade Piri-Piri the green chili I used is from our urban gardening-terrace.

My piri-piri chicken wings with mais salsa


6pcs Green Chilis from our urban garden

1piece Spicy Chili

1pcs Onion 🧅

2 Lemon 🍋

200ml Olive oil

3tbsps Paprika Powder

1kg Chicken Wings

Salt and Pepper


1 Onio 🧅

6pcs Cherry Tomato 🍅

2pcs Scallions

3tbsps Olives

300g Corn Kernels

1tbsp Sugar

1Lemon 🍋 juice

Salt and Pepper



A very quick cooking of chicken liver.  My version with paprika powder and Magic Sarap seasoning which I brought here in Vienna from my last two weeks vacation in the Philippines.

Chicken Liver – iCookiTravel


  • 250g Chicken liver
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 1 Tomatoe
  • some Vegetable Oil, I used Margarine
  • 1 tbsp. Tomatoe Paste
  • 1 tbsp. Paprika Powder sweet
  • Magic Sarap seasoning from Maggi ( made with fresh garlic and onion) from Philippines
  • 1/2 a cup of Water (for cooking liver)



Okay folks, this recipe‘ve even today you could see it in every WEBLOG of a Filipino specially ILOCANOS! 😛



Since I L ❤ VE vegetables, hubby is an  ilocano and I’m half ilocana haft visayan which both folks cook in various way and style resulting to clean delicious foodstuff. It’s been weeks since I got this cooked, but never get to it to update here.


Fresh vegetables are key ingredients in the kitchen. With the right preparation and some of your homemade creativity,  they make everyday meals just as magical as special occasions.


And this was my daughter’s experiment! Her version of crispy chicken wings, she said it taste almost like the Kentucky Fried Chicken and so asy to prepare. At home everybody loves chicken. Why not treat yourself and your family of delicious, healthy, home-cooked chicken meals! Enjoy cooking Folks!