👩‍🍳Coming back to Vienna after six weeks’ vacation from the Philippines. We had our Breakfast at Le Crobag. Because I landed at the airport at seven in the morning. Then we went shopping until the afternoon. After shopping, we had our dinner at Taco Mexican Restaurant in Shopping City Süd. Large selection of food and drinks. The dishes are prepared quickly and are of good quality. Value for money is absolutely fine. A visit can be recommended with a clear conscience. Another Gastronomic Adventure the whole day.



👩‍🍳The designer outlet at Barberino, Italy with hubby and a short visit to Pisa Tower, Sinopie Museum and Pisa Baptistery in Italy 🇮🇹 For hubby it was his first time to be here. He was so excited to see all the corners. Discovering what is special about Pisa, well known all over the world because of its leaning tower. I love the historic churches and the medieval paalces also the various bridges across the Arno.


👩‍🍳NASCHMARKT— The Naschmarkt is Vienna’s most popular market. Located at the Wienzeile over the Wien River it is about 1,5 kilometres long. On Saturday, the permanent stalls are complemented by farm stands. The Naschmarkt is located between the left and right Vienna row between cereals market and chain bridge on the superstructures Vienna River. The market is about 2.3 hectares and comprises approximately 170 stalls and shops, as well as some local. On Saturday, the permanent stalls are complemented by farm stands.


Noah and I, inside @kare_austria with a unique ideas, unmatched and authentic furnitures, displays, accessories and lighting for home never boring full of fantasy and inspiration. Since 1981 the company has surprised its fans and partners worldwide as well here in Vienna where I live.  With an incomparable variety of new furnitures, lighting and home accessories.


From then, the passion for design speaks. These include from hidden small craft, a bit crazy which I love most and furniture with a vow effect, but also lovingly hand-crafted solid wood furniture for life.

Inside @Kare FURNITURES and ACCESSORIES, VIENNA – iCookiTravel

Design your life to include furnitures, not only good food or cooking good food, and travel but health, happiness with stuff, space and energy. Like these awesome furniture company makes awesome furniture and design! Would you be inetersted in buying their stuff? Then visit them at Mariahilfer Strasse 5 and in SCS (Shopping City Süd), and at Wiener Neudorf. See you there Folks!


I am so grateful to Takko Fashion for all these best basic T-shirts I got last week at the outlet for only three euros and ninety nine cents. TAKKO FASHION- Attractive collections, trendy looks, attractive branches, excellent value for money as one of the leading providers in the Value Fashion retail sector, they offer more in fashion and style. For over 30 years, Takko is one of the most successful fashion chain stores in Europe.

Best Basic T-shirts
Best Basic T-shirts

Fascinating and fantastic selected carefully now is very thin looks really cheap thes Best Basic T-shirts from takko. But I don’t care for me it is very cheap even if just for one season wear. I got nine pieces with different design on it and different colors too as you could see on above picture. Shopping is a therapy for me. This is something to cheer myself up and as a form of celebration for what I have now.

Takko fashion for the whole family: The selection of Takko is extensive and offers complete outfits and items for the whole family. Fashionable ladies find in their stores a wide range of current and trendy women’s fashion. Whether casual, feminine, classic and elegant, with TAKKO you find the perfect clothing for every occasion. Whether you need a new blouse for work, looking for a fancy skirt for a friend’s birthday, or browse for accessories to spice up your favorite outfits, here you will definitely find what you are looking for. Learn more about our extensive selection of women’s clothing BY TAKKO!


Basically, I’m not good with kitchen stuff or utensils. I don’t ever bother myself how does it looks like the most important for me is it is a stuff which I can use for storage and serving food. I would never spend several thousand euros for this stuff, and I’m certainly not stingy. But sometimes I have wishes too…….

Got a new kitchen stuff last week. Which I ordered online from Lock and Lock!   An airtight container and bowls from Ikea, for “Lugaw” (Rice Porridge or Rice-Congee). Good for microwave, dishwashing maschine, refrigerator, virtuallyairtight and watertight! It has said to be that Lock holds tight and fresh! 


The Lock & Lock multifunction boxes are genuine all-rounder. Whether at home or on the road; in the air- and water-tight cans keeping everything fresh, hygienic and safe. For the safety lock and the special silicone dual-chamber seal provide. Food stays fresh longer and aromas remain long. Intensive smells like fish or cheese remain closed, do not go to other foods over and does not spread in the fridge. The high-quality, transparent material of Lock & Lock boxes gives a good overview of all the stored supplies.

Bisphenol A may under certain circumstances cause health problems and should therefore not be used in the food industry. The Lock & Lock boxes are BPAfree and therefore safe for storage of food, including baby food. So take it away from me readers  😉

While the bowls I got it from Ikea for only one euro and seventy five cents each. Very cheap right, ideal for serving lugaw or even something with soup with matching soup bowl underliner too.