👩‍🍳Hi everyone! Welcome to iCookiTravel Blog. I’m Dolly a Filipino ex-pat in Vienna. Mostly about my home-cooked meals, my travel, my dogs and all other things that make me happy. Scientists are divided. Animal behaviourist Marc Bekoff has no doubt that dogs can feel love. He defines love as a social bond between two individuals – humans or animals – with a strong affection for one another. Do you believe in that? Let me know please comment below.



👩‍🍳I am convinced that every dog ​​is special with its own character. And every dog ​​certainly shows in a very individual way how much he loves his person. If your pet shares the bed with you. So it is not only a basic need of your dog to sleep with you, but also a better sleep feeling for many owners. Together with my Jack Russell terriers Riyad, Mary and Riyana a Pekingese Shih Tzu I run this dog vlog and I am happy to provide you with information and help on the most important dog topics!

My two Dogs

The relationship I have with them is good for my heart and soul.They keep me happy and healthy, do you agree? Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. A Cynophilist here.


👩‍🍳Since Christmas advent calendars have become so much more than the stale chocolate kind, it’s not just us humans that benefit from a pimped up advent calendar our pets are getting in on the act, too, with advent calendars for dogs. My daughter treats our pets during the countdown to Christmas, too. And for today’s breakfast, I had sort of salad topped with eggs served with toast bread and ginger tea.

My dogs advent calendar and brekky at home


We went to ENGELHARTSTETTEN in Nietherösterreich, to visit Brownie our doggy who lives by my friend Luz. It‘s been a while since I brought my doggy to Luz. I think it is four years ago. We miss this doggy so much. He always sleeps with hubby he likes to be close to him. Can sleep well around hubby. Where ever hubby goes around he follows him. I remember the time he‘s still a baby dog he always sleeps on hubby’s lap especially by watching tv. He loves belly rubs simply because he feels good. Now he‘s seven years of age the third son of our dogs Riyad and Riyana. The trust he gives to us is an indication of his deep love for us. Thank you so much ate Luz for taking care of Brownie. We will miss this doggy always.

Brownie 🐶 and me 😍

🇦🇹MY DOGS🐕 🐶

My dogs keep me happy and healthy, do you agree?

The relationship I have with them is good for my heart and soul. Specially walking with Mary🐶 can help keep me healthy which I really need even for 30 minutes a day, a big help for a diabetic like me. To think coming home to them after work reduces my stress.

Dian-Grace (daughter) with Mary🐶

According to researchers, owners love their pets in the same way as family members, and that’s true that’s the way how I feel towards my dog family and they return their devoted affection to us. This „love“ hormone helps increase the bond we share.

Riyad’s first Birthday

The day Riyad celebrated its first birthday with us. Riyad is a Christmas gift I got from my daughter way back 2010 if I remember it right. A nine weeks old puppy my stress reliever and makes me happy all the time. Now it is almost 10 years old. On September 2020 it will turn exactly 10 years old. Thank you Lord that my dog is healthy and happy. In this video down here I can see how it develops and grown my puppy with us. Learned a lot and so happy. His eyes are relaxed, he blinks a lot, his gaze is soft and his brow is smooth. His ears are also relaxed, not cocked or pointing. His mouth is open a bit with a few teeth visible his tongue may be lolling and he may even appear to be smiling.

🇦🇹MY DOGS 🐕🐶

Riyad’s and Mary’s first bone 🦴 for 2019🙈 I sit watching them and wonder at how blissful the experience seems to be for them.🐕🐶😅

Riyad and Mary love chewing on just about anything they can get their teeth 🦷 on, of course bones 🦴 would taste meaty and delicious 🤤 happy 😌 doggy, happy dog family.

A small talk with Riyad🐶 in the lead role!😎

From the back; Riyana- my daughter’s doggy, Riyad the star 🌟 doggy and their daughter Mary.🤣