👩‍🍳Are you ready for NO MEAT?

Tofu is very versatile, rich in protein, and an excellent meat substitute. Tofu is common in vegan cuisine and it has been in Asian cuisine for generations used. Check this soup recipe out of pure plant-based with smoked tofu. And my homemade vegetable dumpling is also out of smoked Tofu. Next time I will share with you the recipe for these dumplings. Plant-based soups that incorporate flavorful ingredients like smoked tofu, vegetable dumpling, cinnamon sticks, scallions, red and white onion, carrot, Inoki mushrooms, champignon, and zucchini. seasoned with mushrooms sauce and salt. Happy Prepping and Guten Appetit!


6 pieces of Vegetable Dumpling

2 pieces Scallions

1 piece Zucchini

1 piece Carrot

1 piece Red Onion, small

1 piece White Onion, small

150g Champignon


some Water, about a Liter or more

1 piece Cinnamon Stick

some Olive Oil or any Vegetable Oil

Inoki Mushroom

Thai Basil Leaves, a handful

1 cake of Smoked Tofu

3tbsps. Mushroom Sauce

some Salt to adjust the taste if needed

250g Ramen Noodle or any Noodle of your preferences

some Chili Flakes, optional


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