👩‍🍳Cooking 1 kg mussels for 2 people, nothing more is left determined. We enjoyed it, hubby and I. I love the sweet taste of the soup. Nobody can resist this recipe for mussels in white wine. Use fresh produce from the fish market. Mussels are mollusks and fall under the seafood category in the kitchen. But mussels have nothing to do with fruits – the sea creatures are much more small animals that feed on plankton. The small creature has been used as food but also as a supplier of jewelry (pearls) for many hundreds of years.


1kg Mussels

500g Shrimps

2 cups of White wine, I used wine for cooking Risotto and also good for seafood, a local one.

some Olive Oil or any Vegetable Oil

some Butter

5 cloves Garlic

3 pieces of small Carrots

1 stem of Lemon Grass

1 Green Chili, spicy (optional)

1 Red Onion

2 pieces of Scallions

Parsley a handful, chopped (I used a frozen one)

Tablespoon dried Oregano or more if you like

Salt and Pepper

Chili-Paprika Powder, spicy (optional)



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