👩‍🍳Cooking Fenugreek leaves which I added to mung bean or mongo. But there is some side effect of fenugreek leaves but also good for health. It has been said that large doses may cause a harmful drop in blood sugar. Fenugreek can cause allergic reactions in some people. Which I found good for diabetics like me. Because one cup of methi leaves gives only 13 calories making it a good choice for those controlling their calorie intake. Rich in Vitamin K which is good for bone metabolism. Dried fenugreek leaves are known as Kasuri methi in India. It is also rich in dietary fiber. Today I cook mung bean with this and with smoked mackerel. For a change add the usual leafy green vegetable that we Filipinos know. Like Alugbati (vine spinach), ampalaya (Bitter melon leaves), even Camote Tops (talbos ng kamote), and spinach.

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