👩‍🍳Tempura batter is very easy and versatile for dipping and deep-frying fruits, meats, and vegetables. Just like here, using tempura for chicken spam and surimi. Surimi is a solid mass of minced fish. About 900 years ago it was discovered in Japan that minced fish, cooked and jellied with sugar, has a longer shelf life. More info about surimi, the basic substance for seafood imitations is surimi, a protein mass made from fish. This is salted and solidified by heat with the addition of egg white or starch. Anyway, I also cooked vegetables with shrimp. I was complaining all the way while cooking because the vegetables produce liquid but it turned out good.


1 pack Surimi, Crab Sticks

1 Can Chicken Spam

1 pack of Roasted Seaweeds

Tempura Batter

4 cakes of Tofu

Vegetable Oil for frying


100g Beans Sprout, Togue

1 Sweet Potato, small purple

Napa Cabbage

1/4 head Cabbage

300g Shrimps

4 cloves Garlic

2tbsps. Soy Sauce

2tbsps. Oyster Sauce

1tbsp. Linseed Oil


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