👩‍🍳Using the thick flavour of Lechon meat from leftover pork head Lechon. Added taro, okra, eggplant and water spinach in tamarind flavour broth from Knorr. Nothing is special with this recipe it’s similar to cooking any sinigang. I don’t have tomato at home so I substituted tomato paste instead. The broth was so good and the colour looks very appetizing too. So this is my version of cooking “sinigang na lechong ulo ng baboy”. What happens to the pig head? Here in Vienna. Austria! For the production of meat products, a pig’s head is usually first gently boiled, salted and deboned. The remaining part of the rind, muscle meat, fat and connective tissue is technically called mask and is mainly processed into aspic and sausage. The tongue is disposed of separately. But we Filipinos love to roast it until crispy just like here. The so called “Lechon ng Ulo ng Baboy” in Tagalog. Pig head Lechon or Pork Head Lechon.

Happy Prepping and Guten Appetit.🤗

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