👩‍🍳The broth is made out of ginger, soy sauce, fish sauce (patis), and scallions. To adjust the taste I used salt. A quick and easy lunch or dinner. But for me, I always need a soup this gives me a satisfy or should I say it makes my meal complete. With homemade wide Chinese noodles, carrots, traditional fish balls, shrimp, and Yu Choy. It looks so basic but tastes good. Served with patties, mashed potato for me, and fried rice for hubby and juicing. Put the minced beef in a bowl with salt, pepper, herb salt, garlic granules, onion granules, and Tabasco and knead well, that was my patties made of. Happy prepping and Guten Appetit.

👩‍🍳One among my collections of SOUP RECIPE of mine from the creation, inspiration, and adaptation of both European and Filipino cuisines. A sort of fusion of different cuisine between Europe and Asia. As we know it today is a multi-layered expression of culture and … well-to-do Filipinos traveled to Europe and migrated over time. I’m one of them. Living in Vienna for more than three decades now. Today I’ll show you how to cook shredded chicken noodle soup with fried tofu and Inoki mushrooms in an easy way. I love “Toyomansi” for dipping my fried tofu. Toyomansi is a product from my motherland a combination of Toyo-soy sauce and calamsi juice. I hope you like this recipe. Happy prepping and Guten Appetit.


250g Noodle of your preferences

100h Shredded Chicken fillet, any boiled chicken can be left over too.

3 pieces Pak Choi or Bok Choi

2 pieces of Fried Tofu or more

1 Pack of Inoki Mushrooms

haft a head of Garlic, peeled


1 Carrot

some Sesame Seeds


some Sesame Seeds Oil

1 Liter Vegetable Broth, or Water if you don’t have Broth at home

3tbsps. Soy Sauce

3tbsps. Mushrooms Sauce

Salt to adjust the taste if needed


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