🇵🇭ALUGBATI | PATOLA | KALABASA | SPARERIBS (Vine Spinach, Sponge Gourd, & Squash or Pumpkin 👩🏻‍🍳iCook

👩‍🍳A home-cooked meal, healthier and tasty. Malabar, Alugbati, or Vine Spinach, Sponge gourd, Squash or Pumpkin and spareribs for lunch. Eat healthy to be wealthy. Diabetic-friendly vegetables for lunch at home. Lutong bahay po na may alugbati, patola, kalabasa at sapareribs para sa pananghalian po.


a small Pumpkin or Kalabas

a bunch of Alugbati, Malabar, Vine Spinach

1 Sponge Gourd, Patola

300g Short ribs

300ml Vegetable broth with Soy Sauce

some Olive oil or any Vegetable Oil

Salt to adjust the taste if needed

How to…….


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