👩‍🍳The yellowish rice of Iloilo because of turmeric powder has to reach Vienna today. Remember my late mother who is fun of cooking this dish during all saints day or in Tagalog But my version is totally different from “Pista ng Minatay”. But my version is totally different from her. I don’t add meat like a chicken. I love this just purely kind seafood added. The Ilonggo’s undying love for their famous glutinous rice dish is a complete meal actually. With carbohydrates, protein and vitamins & minerals in just one spoonful. How about you do you love Valenciana too, how is your version of this? Let me know in the comment section down here.


NOTE: Recipe Yields 2 to 3 Persons

4 to 5 Boiled Eggs

250g Rice

1/2tbsp. Turmeric Powder

200g Shrimps

half a kilo Squid, a small one

300g Mussels

80g Raisins, dried

3pieces Frankfurter Sausage

some Scallions

half Yellow Bell Pepper

half Green Bell pepper

5 cloves Garlic

1 White Onion

a handful of Green Peas

some Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper



Tofu, hard I used organic

100g Shrimps

1 Carrot

Inoki Mushroom

1 Sachet of Miso powder

Fish sauce (Patis)

Salt and Pepper

some Water



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