👩‍🍳Chicken feet are eaten in many countries. My hubby‘s auntie usually cooks chicken feet in their soup with lots of vegetables. In the Philippines, Chicken can be eaten like liver, intestines, or goblet and feet. Some people may be considered the fear factor food chicken feet but not others just like us. Here in Europe, you could buy it almost everywhere. Fresh or frozen. But this one we got at Viktor Adler Market today. They said it is naturally rich in collagen, which is beneficial for looking youthful so I have to cook this regularly.🤪


1kg Chicken Feet

3 pieces Carrots

1 Napa Cabbage, small

4 to 5 pieces of Jerusalem Artichoke

Ginger, a piece

4 cloves Garlic

1 Red Onion

Fish sauce Salt to adjust the taste

Boiling Water


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