👩‍🍳Mochoritsch – is not a conventional restaurant. It is a family-run inn with a heart, with products from their own fields. It forms a bridge to the south, where you can enjoy the alpine-Adriatic food culture. Coming back home from Tuscany, Italy we dropped by here to have our late lunch and dinner in one. I got my perch fish with potatoes and salad, while hubby had pork fillet with fries and salad too.

My hubby who meatatarian got this pork fillet with fries and salad as side dish. For him meat tastes really good than fish and vegetables. It provides precious protein, and it’s packed with fatty calories, an important consideration when food sources were precarious.

Perch fish and potatoes

Me the fish, seafoods and vegetables lover. I got perch fish again. eating this fish 5 days in a row.😅 I am a pescatarian, meaning term pescatarian was coined in the early 1990s and is a combination of the Italian word for fish, “Pesce,” and the word “vegetarian.”


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