👩🏻‍🍳The idea came when my daughter asked me to cook crispy chicken similar to what KFC and JOLLIBEE but she wanted the taste or the aroma of my adobo version. So I come up to marinate it first then fry. To make it crispy I used buttermilk with cayenne pepper and flour for the breading and then deep fry. It really turns out good the way she wanted it. Hubby says I could have a restaurant in the Philippines for all these recipes I have on Youtube. About Turon, I have this recipe with Nutella, this time I added nuts nougat cream instead. But that’s another story. I hope you like today’s recipe.

Crispy chicken adobo


Recipe Yields 6 Persons:

2 and half kg Chicken Thighs mixture of thighs (lower Part) and wings

1 Liter Butter Milk

1tbsp Cayenne Pepper

Flour for breading

some Vegetable Oil for deep frying

Salt and Pepper

haft a cup of dark Soy Sauce

1 Whole head Garlic, minced

4pieces Bay Leaves

3tbsps Brown Sugar

3/4 cup Of Apple Vinegar, you can use any vinegar you have

Turon with nuts-nougat cream and crispy chicken adobo


5pieces Bananas

Lumpia wrapper

a Bottle of Nuts Nougat Cream

some Vegetables Oil for frying



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