👩‍🍳CALLALOO- My version according to our preferences. Since taro is widely growing in the Philippines and I get this fresh herein Vienna, and it is season time again for Hokkaido pumpkin so I decided to mix all together with crabs, cooked in coconut milk, seasoned with fish sauce and to adjust the taste with salt. Callaloo is a stew of Caribbean cuisine. The ingredients vary from country to country; common elements are merely the green color and a leafy vegetable as the main ingredient. In Trinidad and Tobago, it is considered a national dish.


1 whole Hokkaido Pumpkin, small

1kg Taro Leaves with Stem or Gabi

4pieces Taro Tubers or Gabi

2tbsps Linseed Oil

1 Onion

1kg Crabs

1 Liter Coconut Milk

2Peppers or Chili, spicy

2 thumb-sized Ginger

Fish Sauce or Patis

Salt to adjust the taste



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