Here I used red curry paste and I am very careful by adding because my hubby doesn’t like too spicy. Served with Basmati rice. Red curry is sure to taste good to your loved ones. Try this recipe in the wok or in the pan. Cooked with bamboo shoots. In India, curry is a traditional one-pot dish made from meat, fish, vegetables and a wide variety of spices – here with us, curry is usually the well-known curry powder for seasoning dishes. The powder is not only used to flavor the dishes but also often as a color for the individual delicacies.

Red curry chicken with bamboo shoots


300g Chicken Breast Fillet

1 small Red Bell Pepper

2pieces Scallions

1 small Carrot

2tsps. Red Curry Paste

a handful fresh Coriander, chopped

a handful Bamboo Shoots, fresh or from can

2tbsps any Vegetable Oil

Salt to taste



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