👩‍🍳Lumpia or spring rolls usually fried or deeply fried but this time I decided to cook it in the oven and filling is made pure vegetables such as sweet potato, carrot, cabbage, beans sprout and tofu. In this great recipe, the Filipino spring rolls usually are fried until golden brown in a pan or wok and then served with a chili dip. The vegetable spring roll recipe is a classic Asian starter.

Oven tofu and vegetable lumpia


400g Tofu

some Vegetable Oil

2tbsps Linseed Oil

3 cloves Garlic

2pieces Sweet Potato

2pieces small Carrot

haft a head Cabbage

1 Chayote

100g Beans Sprout

3tbsps Soy Sauce

chopped Chive

Salt and Pepper to taste



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