👩‍🍳My Callos today is made out of beef meat wad ham, beef tripe, Sausage-Käsekrainer (a variety of sausage in german), carrot, green bell pepper, black olive and with tomato paste. A legacy from the Spanish colonial era, this savoury stew of ox tripe and tail is flavored with spicy chorizo de Bilbao and traditionally served with olives. The chorizo de Bilbao or Chinese chorizo is a major factor. chorizo de Bilbao, or blood sausage, is a spicy sausage packed in paprika flavored lard. In the Philippines, they are available canned or frozen. A bit expensive, but the flavor it gives a dish is just wonderful. Highly spiced, one chorizo de Bilbao is enough for this recipe. This what makes Callos special and why is it different from other beef stews!

Callos the easy way of cooking

Callos  known also in the culinary world as offal, the term actually comes from the corruption of ‘off-fall’ to refer to the refuse meat that are cut away when the carcass is dressed. But despite its inedible sound, offal has always played a fundamental role in the diets of populations living in times of distress. Would consider these cheap ingredients in their main dish or party fare, offal is nearly a whole class of food in itself because they have much to offer nutritionally, on top of its unique delicious flavor. Contrary to a common disgust for these dishes due to cultural unfamiliarity and sanitary concerns, these offal items are generally very well cleaned when offered in the marketplace.


Vegetable Oil

1 Red Onion

4 cloves og minced Garlic

400g Beef Meat, you can use shoulder or beef kneecap

2tbsps Tomato Paste

4pieces Bay Leaf

1tbsp Dried Oregano

1 Carrot

250g Boiled Beef Tripe

1/2Liter Water for boiling the meat, I used Pressure cooker for boiling

3pieces Käsekrainer, german sausage or the traditional Chorizo de Bilbao

200g Chickpeas

12pieces Olive

2 small Green Bell Pepper



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