👩‍🍳A rich stew of oxtail, and tripe and a variety of vegetables in a sauce flavored and thickened with peanut butter is just as good! Another way to prepare kare-kare is to cook the vegetables separately in a small amount of water. I cook mine in the soup stock where I boiled the oxtail! Traditionally, kare-kare was cooked with freshly ground roasted peanuts and rice. Well, there’s nothing like cooking it that way, but I find the procedure too much for today’s busy lifestyle. The easiest option is, of course, to get one of those ready mixes that are abundant in supermarkets. The mix determined the final thickness, flavor and color of the dish. If you’re as particular as I am, well, you look for another option. Here in abroad, it’s really hard to find the perfect peanut butter for my kare-kare. So, one time I bought “peanut butter” from the wet market. This “peanut butter” is coarser than the bottled variety and unsweetened.

My oxtail and tripe Kare-kare easy recipe (Peanut Sauce)


* 1 kg oxtail
* 200 g ox tripe
* 2 pieces medium-sized eggplant
* 1 bunch of string bean or Sitaw in Tagalog
* 1 bunch of Pak Choi
* 1/4 head of Banana Heart- Banana Blossom or Puso ng Saging in Tagalog
* 1 pack Knorr Kare-kare base mix
* 1 cup of Peanut Butter, I used Panda Kaas Brand
* Sauteed shrimps paste or Bagoong Guisado in Tagalog



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