👩‍🍳As all may know Soba are thin, brown-grey noodles made from buckwheat and are part of Japanese cuisine. This recipe is one among my creation with my homemade dashi using dried fish. It has a bold fish flavor and aroma from Scratch. Adding seafood soup base makes the soup perfect for seafood topping. Vegetables just what on hand napa cabbage, carrot and green peas. If you liked this recipe and made some dashi from scratch, please leave a comment below.

Soba noodles soup with homemade dashi


100g Soba Noodle

small Napa Cabbage

150g Seafoods

1pc. Carrot

a handful Green Peas

Drizzled Sesame Seeds Oil

Salt to taste

Some Water for the soup

1tbsp. Seafood soup base

2pieces Dried small fish for Dashi

1tbsp. olive Oil


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