This recipe is from my late uncle from Bicol who inspired me to try it. These two versions are totally different. The first one I added small potatoes, tapioca pearl, banana, corn kernels with brown sugar and bata de coco of course cooked in coconut milk. While the other one is more on guava pure guava with ginger, salt and brown sugar but not too sweet. Then I ate it with cold rice, the way my uncle used to eat it served as viand for him. But for me, I love my version as a dessert or for in-between not as viand.

My ginataang bayabas or Guavas in coconut milk


6pcs. Guava, ripe without seeds and skin (peeled)

250g small Potatoes 🥔

400ml Coconut Milk

Brown Sugar

Some Salt

Thumb-sized Ginger

200g Tapioca Pearl

3pcs. Banana

1can Corn Kernels

1glass Nata de Coco

half teaspoon Food Color, Orange (optional)


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