PANGASIUS STEAK and GINATAANG KALABASA at SITAW (Squash and String Beans in Coconut Milk)

In this recipe, a fish classic shows itself in a completely different shell! Pangasius in Coconut flour with dried thyme breaded is a delicious and easy variation. Served with squash and string beans cooked in coconut milk a very Filipino combination of the dish. This was our dinner last night.

Pangasius steak and squash with string beans in coconut milk


5pcs. Pangasius Steak

some Coconut Flour

some Salt 🧂

some dried Thyme

Vegetable Oil for frying and sautéing

100g Pork Belly

1 whole head Squash

A bunch more of String Beans, Sitaw in Tagalog

2tbsps Shrimps 🦐 paste, sautéed or Bagoong gisado

400ml Coconut Milk

Fish Sauce or Patis to adjust the taste if needed

1Red Onion

Garlic 🧄




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