If you notice Bulgogi is one among my favorite from Korean cuisine. So easy to follow and you can buy this ready-made bulgogi marinade from Korean shop. But next time when I make the spicy version of this I will show you my homemade bulgogi marinade. Here daikon and zucchini as a side dish. Served with white rice as usual. Jal mug get sum ni da!

My Pork belly Bulgogi with Daikon

What is “Daikon-Rettich”? Winter radish is a mild tasting giant radish from east asia. It is a cultivated form of the garden radish. There are many different varieties of winter radish.


800g Pork Belly

Half a Cup of Bulgogi Marrinade

A whole head Garlic 🧄

Drizzled of Sesame Seeds Oil

3pcs Scallions

1pc Radish or Daikon

1tbsp Linseed Oil

1pc Zucchini

Some Salt 🧂

Served with rice



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