Italian meets Filipino. That’s the highlight of this recipe. I cooked linguine with palabok sauce for Jen‘s (niece) birthday dinner instead of traditional Pancit or Sotanghon in the Philippines. For the toppings I had; small octopus, smoked mackerel flakes, mussels with scallions and crunchy fried onions. As a change from the well-known and popular spaghetti, many chefs regularly use the long, but not round, but flat linguine. These very narrow ribbon noodles are also sold under the name Trenette.

Linguine in palabok sauce

The origin of the pasta name Linguine is exciting. The word linguine is something like “little tongue” in Italian. The narrow ribbon noodles are not only sold under different names but can also if necessary be replaced by other narrow ribbon noodles such as the Bavette, for example. The linguine, which are also popularly referred to as linguini, originally come from the Campania region in Italy. Added with Filipino “Palabok” sauce the thick yellow-orange sauce.


500g Linguine

2 small Octopus🐙, boiled

1 smoked Mackerel, flakes

225g Shrimps 🍤

750g Mussels

some Fish Sauce or Patis

some Olive Oil

Salt 🧂 to adjust the taste

3 packs of Mama Sita‘s Palabok Sauce

A handful crunchy fried Onions 🧅


Lemon 🍋 sliced

6 Boiled Eggs 🥚



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