You can also conjure up a super delicious cheesecake without an oven I‘ll show you how easy it is. Cake without baking, in my opinion, they are not so good for baking because they are very badly damaged in the oven due to high water content. Never mind what are the so-called „no bake“ cakes for! No-bake cakes, as the English name suggests are not baked. They usually have a rather thin base and refreshing cream spread over it, which then sets by cooling it in refrigerator. Often, the no-bake cakes can be prepared really quickly and personally, I particularly like the fact that you save yourself baking and looking back in the oven. Today I conjured up a no-bake cheesecake with very fresh Incaberries topping. The biscuit base is wonderfully crispy, without sugar added in it.

My no-bake cheesecake with incaberries topping


150g grated Biscuits

60g melted Butter

150g Incaberries

2tbsps Lemon 🍋 juice

2 cups of Whipped cream

2 cups of Mascarpone

150g Sugar



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