My Kimchi fried rice

Fried kimchi rice or Kimchi-Bokkeum-Bap, a very popular dish in South Korea. Kimchi fried rice is mostly made from kimchi and rice along with other available ingredients like diced vegetables or meat like Spam. My version is with Champignon and added more Chili šŸŒ¶ Paste that gives the reddish color plus the sauce from my homemade kimchi. Hope you like this version.


2 big spoon of Kimchi

2 cups of cold cooked rice, I used brown rice

3tbsps Chili šŸŒ¶ Paste

5 cloves Garlic šŸ§„

some Vegetable Oil

100g Champignons, sliced

1 small Onion šŸ§…

Sauce from kimchi

some Salt šŸ§‚

2tbsps Soy sauce

2 Eggs

some Sesame Seeds for garnishing



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