This week is all about „KIMCHI“. My version is a mixture of Chinese cabbage, carrot, and scallions, with garlic, ginger, fish sauce, chili paste, chili powder and rice flour. The recipe Kimchi, fermented Chinese cabbage which comes from Korean cuisine. A healthy side dish recipe that tastes good . In Korean cuisine, kimchi is the name given to both the preparation of vegetables by lactic acid fermentation and the vegetables prepared in this way. Kimchi is traditionally canned like sauerkraut as a vitamin C store for winter.

My homemade Kimchi


1kg Chinese Cabbage

125g Salt

1 whole head Garlic 🧄

2tbsps finely grated Ginger

3tbsps Chili 🌶 Pulver or more

1Big Carrot 🥕

4 Scallions

5tbsps Chili 🌶 Paste or more

2tbsps Fish Sauce

2tbsps Rice Flour

some Water for rice flour and for soaking the Chinese cabbage

NOTE: I used food processor to mix the chili Pulver, chili paste, ginger, garlic and fish sauce.



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