Tempeh the Indonesian classic is very well known, especially for vegan and it is definitely worth getting to know the meat substitute, which is particularly rich in protein! Today, the product is no longer just made frozen fermented soybeans, but also from regionally growing organic lupins. A real discovery meal with green beans in a spicy coconut sauce, light basmati rice and a crispy salad served to my family today for them to try too. I got good feedback and added to our family preferences. You can try it also with this recipe.

Tempeh and Basmati rice


1 Pack of Green Beans

1 Cucumber šŸ„’

1 Carrot šŸ„•

1 Onion šŸ§…

2 cloves Garlic šŸ§„

1 piece fresh Galangan or Galgant

150g Basmati rice šŸš

1Pack of Tempeh

1 Pack of Ketjap Manis or Kecap Manis ( a Sweet soy sauce)

1tsp Sambal Oelek

250 ml Coconut šŸ„„ Milk

1tsp Sugar

some Olive oil

some Vinegar

half a Head of Red Onion

Salt and Pepper



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