👩‍🍳A sort of tourism that is based on visiting food festivals, restaurants and special places in order to taste a special and not so special type of food, to watch the food being produced or to eat food cooked by a famous chef, and today it is quite popular also for me as an individual. My family always loves it if I bring them with me anywhere where I decided to try something. But most of the time hubby and I. I don’t want to sound like an epicure, but when it comes to food my love is there at the highest level sometimes I am delighted in fine food. I hope you like this video for today, thank you so much for joining me. If you live in the vicinity of Vienna, this is for you.




    1. Hi there! thank you so much for checking it out and for leaving some lines here. Well, here in Vienna Austria we are not in lockdown. And we are taking all the precautions like wearing a mask and distancing from one another. Also, restaurants should follow the rules especially the distancing as you could see on the video I demonstrate how we get food from the buffet counter, the waitress provided us globes and mask too before getting our food. If you really watched the whole video you would not ask me this question because all the answer to your question were there. Once again thanks for being quitting some lines here. See you around.

  1. Wow. Thanks for the reply and it’s my greatest pleasure to read your blog.🙃🙃
    It’s nice to hear that things are starting to settle down a bit there. Here in India, no matter how many cases come or they don’t, things are not changing.🥺🥺 and plus I’m kinda bored by attending my online classes so… which made me start my own blog. Anyway see you around too.

    1. Oh! Sorry to hear that my friend. Just like in my country Philippines, people are not disciplined, they don’t follow rules and it’s getting worst all over in the city. And that makes me so sad too. Glad you like it.🤗😊 Have a nice evening way out there.

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