👩‍🍳Pickling is one way of preserving and seasoning food. The food is completely covered with spicy vinegar or salted water. In Italy and other Mediterranean countries, foods are also preserved in olive oil. Pickled chili peppers go very well with antipasti or a hearty snack. Vegetables are presented from a different side, try the recipe from the fiery kitchen. This recipe for pickling peppers can also be used for many other vegetables. Made with just a few ingredients and quickly. We spicy lover (daughter and I) trying all recipe just to preserved vegetables from our urban garden can be used for wintertime. Also, one way to get rid of more production of vegetables during summer cook down the remaining vegetables for the pantry so that nothing is wasted.

My pickled Chili 🌶 peppers

This pickling recipe is a way for amateur cooks to use their own grown vegetables from their own garden. So you can keep the fresh harvest and enjoy it in winter too. The right preserving stock ensures lasting taste. Are you also a hobby gardener and would like to enjoy your vegetables during the cold season? Then you can now make your favorite vegetables feast with this preserving recipe. I’ll show you how easy it can be to conserve. My vegetables are hot chili peppers. The ultimate pickling recipe for beginners.


250g Chili Peppers

1 small Onion 🧅

950ml Vinegar

6tbsps Brown Sugar

6tsps Salt 🧂



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