👩‍🍳Bring the garden to the terrace. With an old pallet, you can build a stylish plant box for herbs, vegetables or fruit in no time at all. This palette garden not only looks beautiful but is also suitable for the small space. Hand made by my daughter alone. She bought the stuff from ÖBI Market what she needs like paint, nails and sandpaper. The rest are all from scratch. She worked for this the whole day until midnight. What an exciting result! I am so proud of my daughter she is an artisan and also craftsman. We harvested a lot from this urban garden. Aside from more than 25-kilogram tomatoes, pumpkin or calabaza, eggplant, Malabar or alugbati, camote tops, purple sweet potatoes, chili peppers, ampalaya or bitter melon also leaves chili leaves, lettuce, and spinach. What creative ideas for your garden. From my daughter and niece. Cooking vegetables from the garden to the table. If you are a subscriber of my youtube channel you know the feeling if you cook something from your garden. From the garden to the table. I uploaded a lot of cooking vegetable came from this garden. Thank you for checking this out.

Pallet plant 🌱 box terrace urban gardening


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