Pure vegetables for pure health

„Eating as medicine“. An Italian study shows that valuable ingredients such as carotenoid, polyphenols and vitamin C are not necessarily lost when heated or cooked. Vegetables should be treated as gently as possible, processed fresh and only cooked „al dente“ or firm to the bite. Eating vegetables and fruits are good as we all know. I agree we have a kind of satiety sensor in our stomach. If it is empty, a hunger hormone called ghrelin is released, triggering the „foraging“ impulse in the brain. Only when the stomach is filled to a certain extent does the impulse decrease again. If you mainly eat foods with a high energy density, there is a risk of consuming more calories than are consumed with all known negative consequences. In my case because of fatty liver and type 2 diabetes, consumption of more vegetables and fruits on the other hand has a crowding out effect on high calorie dishes and in this way indirectly protects against obesity and better for me.


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