„Eating as medicine“. 👩‍🍳Low-carb power breakfast with berries for today’s meal prepping video. An anti-inflammatory and superfood breakfast. The seeds not only fill you up, but they also provide plenty of energy for the day. They are among the foods richest in fibre and promote intestinal activity. Besides, their glycemic index is very low, and so they have a balancing effect on the blood sugar level. The ideal breakfast for diabetics and good for fatty liver!

My avocado 🥑 chia-quark brekky


2tbsps Chia seeds

Some Milk 🥛 preferably Soy milk

1 whole Avocado 🥑 for two persons

Drizzle lemon 🍋 juice

6tbsps Quark, low fat

A handful Berries like strawberry 🍓 and Blueberry

1 Kiwi 🥝



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