👩‍🍳The basis of the Tarte flambée is very thinly rolled-out base of bread dough. This my version I made it so cheesy and for the toppings, just cherry tomato, ham and mozzarella balls. Tarte flambée is a speciality from Alsace and Loraine, Saarland and the neighboring Palatinate and Baden. Actually, it is not a pizza. What makes the real difference between Tarte flambée and pizza is the dough. Pizza is baked with yeast dough, so the dough expand goes out and its volume changes. While the Tarte flambée does not need yeast and the dough becomes super crispy.

My cheesy Tarte Flambee


A bread dough, thin

250g Cream Cheese

2tbsps Herblings, a mix herbs 🌿 Oregano, Parsley, Basil leaves, Bay leaves, Risemary, an Italian mixture.

Some Basil leaves

1tbsp Dried Basil leaves

100g Ham

150g Cherry Tomato 🍅

100g Mozzarella balls

100g grated Mozzarella cheese

Some Garlic 🧄 powder



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