👩‍🍳First Viennese water pipe route to Kaiserbrunn. Two and haft hours hike, with 7,7 km. Through this water pipe, opened in 1873 by Emperor Franz Josef, about 200,000m3 0f water flow into the federal capital, 95 km away and 280 m below ground, without the aid of any pumps. The water takes 16 hours for this route. The first Viennese high spring line shares half of Vienna’s water supply with the water line from the Hochschwab area.

Hiking trail

What a nice hiking trail here, not too high, not too long. Nice trail for dog walk too. Moving is healthy, doing this for at least twice a week is everything for type 2 diabetes. Although I go for a walk with my dog for one hour everyday in the city. Hiking is also recommended which I choose to do during weekends. Great hike are possible, taking the opportunity to go for hike without being disturbed by the crowds just like today with my family.


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