👩‍🍳Salmon is one of the most valued edible fish today and is an integral part of many kitchens. Whether raw, cooked, baked or grilled, the salmon can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to healthy fats, salmon contains a good portion of protein and lots of fat-soluble vitamins A and D. Here is my salmon head recipe for today’s lunch on this gloomy-rainy Sunday. For you to try if you love salmon cooked in sour soup with romaine lettuce. Happy prepping and enjoy.

Salmon head with romaine lettuce 🥬

Catching up with old times friends and we bought a salmon head from Japanese restaurant near us. Got 3 pieces fresh not frozen. Cooked in sour soup with Magic Sinigang Sampalok with Gabi mix from the Philippines.🇵🇭 Added onion 🧅 tomato 🍅 romaine lettuce 🥬 scallions, some water for soup seasoned with salt.🧂



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