👩‍🍳My very own version of making EMPANADA, actually another version. Filipino empanadas usually contain ground beef or chicken meat, potato, chopped onion, and raisins somewhat similar to the Cuban “picadillo” in a sweetish wheat flour dough. Some Filipinos are not partial to the sweetish flavour notes and prefer empanadas that are closer to the Hispanic versions. There are doughy baked versions, as well as flaky fried versions. Often, to lower costs, potatoes are added as a filler, and olives– relatively expensive in the Philippines—are omitted.

My oven chicken asado empanada


1 whole Chicken breast

1tbsp Cornstarch, dissolved in cold water

2tbsp Olive oil

4 cloves Garlic

1pc Red Onion

some Fresh ground Pepper

1tbsp Sugar, for Chicken breast

2tbsp Soy Sauce

3 pieces small Bay leaves

2 beaten Egg Yolk

1kg Flour

250g Margarine 🧈

1tsp Salt 🧂

1 Cup of Sugar

18g of Baking powder

1 Cup of Water, cold



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