👩‍🍳For me, a good adobo sauce is naturally thick. The cooked dish is almost dry. Matter of preference, I love my adobong string bean a little bit sour and almost dry. The pork belly should absorb the flavours of vinegar, Mama Sita’s BBQ marinade and soy sauce. And a little bit oily. Here adobong string bean or sitaw with pork belly. Serve with hot brown rice that makes my lunch so perfectly prepared!

Prepped pork belly and string beans


250g Pork Belly

a bunch of String Bean

4 cloves Garlic 🧄

1pc Onion 🧅

2tbsp Vinegar

3tbsps Soy Sauce

4tbsp Mama Sita’s BBQ Marinade

some Vegetable Oil

Salt and Pepper to adjust the taste



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