👩‍🍳You are very quickly in the green belt around Vienna. Here you can hike on marked hiking trails, sometimes also mountain biking and relax from the city, into the countryside. I really like the forest in and around Vienna. So close to the city and yet so green. If you like, you can follow the city hiking trails or, if you prefer, you can go on a discovery tour on your own. Just like us especially me I see to it that once a week hiking in Vienna Woods. Especially when it rained, the paths can also be very muddy. In such cases, sturdy footwear is highly recommended. Hiking in Vienna is that even possible YES! Because the most livable city in the world does not have high peaks to offer, but numerous small elevations as well as forests and recreation areas, in which it is wonderful to hike. Check this out in Lainzer Tiergarten. Today hubby and I, we decided to take a walk again in Lainzer Tiergarten back and fort a total of 12 kilometers. At the end makes me feel good. Hiking in and around Vienna is always nice. The largest contiguous forest in Europe – countless hiking opportunities. You should definitely take a day trip if you visit Vienna we are so lucky.

A walk with hubby in Vienna woods

Please watch the video 😊


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