👩‍🍳Hi Guys! Do you still remember the flowers that we got from our fun-hike on weekend?… Think of this elderflower syrup recipe when the white flowers sparkle in spring. The syrup is very versatile. The elderflowers are blooming again! Then it is time to collect the flowers and prepare elderflower syrup. With this recipe, the elderflower syrup succeeds. Yes, I made elderflower syrup out of it. Simple and easy to follow you don’t need to buy Holundersirup in german just make it for yourself. Elderflower syrup tastes great for the whole family and is a must for everyone in the elderflower season. Try my recipe. Thanks for Dropping by. Happy Prepping!

HOLUNDERSIRUP-Elderflower syrup homemade


40pcs Elderflower

4pcs Lemon 🍋

2 Liter Water

50g Citric Acid

3kg Sugar



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