👩‍🍳KOMATSUNA is a leafy vegetable of the same type as the turnip. Komatsuna is grown commercially in Japan and Taiwan. The name comes from the Japanese and means “small pine tree vegetables”. In a fully grown plant, the leaves are dark green with narrow light green stems. The plant is mostly grown in spring and autumn since it cannot endure extreme heat or extreme cold for a long time. It is usually stir-fried, pickled, cooked and used as a soup vegetable as what I did here I added to my soup noodles or freshly processed in salads. Komatsuna is a rich source of calcium. Komatsuna is used as a forage plant in some Asian countries. The leaves of the Komatsuna plant can be eaten at any stage of growth. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video.

Komatsuna recipe


250g Minced Beef

One bundle of Komatsuna

2tbsp any Vegetable Oil

1pc Carrot 🥕

1 Liter Vegetable broth

100g Seaweed

120g Cornstarch Noodle 🍜

3pcs Scallions

a handful chopped Cilantro



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