Another hiking day for the three of us, my niece and daughter with my doggy Mary and her mom Riyana my daughter’s dog.

Hiking day and walks around Puchberg

👩‍🍳I’m a type 2 diabetic hiking is also recommended, as it lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and increases physical and mental well-being. However, diabetes patients should keep an eye on their blood sugar levels when hiking to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar. Sport is important for diabetes patients. Moderate but regular physical activity improves the performance of the heart, the oxygen supply and lowers the blood sugar level. Endurance sports are particularly suitable for people with diabetes mellitus. However, they should not strive for records, but pay attention to their energy reserves. Hiking is a popular sport, in Austria and Germany around 40 million people are active hikers. Diabetics can also practice hiking, as can walking. 👩‍🍳Thank you so much for dropping by and please like, share and subscribe for more Videos and recipes around the Globe and Eating and Hiking as Medicine on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.——-Dolly here


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