👩‍🍳Puchero or Pochero is a type of stew that originally comes from Spain and is prepared Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, south of Brazil, and the Philippines. I don’t add tomato sauce in this recipe just like in my Caldereta. I prefer tomato paste. The vegetables added are, green beans, cabbage, carrot, potato, banana, chickpeas, and Pak Choi. The Hungarian sauce which I added here is one of my favorite sausages among vast number of types of Hungarian sausages. As alternative you can use Chorizo.

Beef leg POCHERO


1kg Beef leg

200g Hungarian Kolbasz, Sausage, Alternative Chorizo

Haft a Head Cabbage

a bunch of Pak Choi

1pc Green Bell Pepper

1pc Red Bell Pepper

1pc Carrot

1pc Medium-sized Potato

1pc Onion

1pc Tomato

1 whole head Garlic

3tbsps Vegetable oil

4 to 5tbsp Fish Sauce (Patis)

some water


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