👩‍🍳Boiling goat meat in vinegar, pepper corns and bay leaves. Then rinse it afterwards. WHY? This helps to take off the gamey taste and smell of the meat. Goat meat has stronger and more distinct flavor. Another way, soak meat in vinegar a day before. Then season with pepper, salt, garlic and onions, and after frying, pour a glass of beer and then water. Here I added a whole head garlic, lots of pepper corns and just tomato paste because for me tomato sauce is more on soupy taste. If you don’t like the typical goat and lamb taste, this recipe is not for you.

Kalderetang kambing (Goat meat Cadereta/Stew)


1kg Goat meat, I cooked ribs part

about 2tbsps Pepper Corns

some Water for boiling

5 to 6pcs. Bay leaves

1 Cup Vinegar

4tbsp Vegetable Oil

1pc Onion

1whole Head Garlic

2pcs Potatoes

1pc Tomato

1pc Carrot

3tbsps Tomato Paste

a handful Green Olive

half a Liter Water

1tsp. Pepper corns

1pc Red Pepper

1pc Green Pepper

4tbsp Fish Sauce (Patis)

1tsp Chili flakes



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