👩‍🍳Some dishes are tastier the day after. But the same thing cannot be said about soup dishes like boiled beef. When reheated, the vegetables in the dish become soggy, if not altogether mushy. The same with most Filipino soup dishes, boiled beef is best served right after cooking when both the meat and vegetables are just right. It is best to cook boiled beef that is just enough for one meal. But how long can boiled meat keep in the fridge without getting moldy? I try not to keep them for more than a couple of days it will not survive for seven days. But if you freeze boiled meat with the broth, it will keep longer. Won’t that ruin the texture of the meat, so long as it’s just the meat is submerged in broth, and so long as you keep them in a tightly covered container. And be sure to thaw everything before reheating. Some TIPS from me specially in winter season I always do this. I love boiled beef what ever vegetables goes with it. Here we had just Pak Choi and Corn Cobs.

Boiled beef


600g Beef bones mix with beef meat for soup

2 bunch of Pak Choi

2pcs Corn Cob

1 Onion

a thumb-sized Ginger

some water, for boiling

Salt and Pepper

Steamed condensed milk cake

For dessert, steamed condensed milk cake with purple yam powder topped with planed almonds.


1 Cup of Flour

1tbsp Baking powder

1 can Condensed milk

4 Eggs

1 tbsp Butter, melted

3tbsps Purple yam powder

2 cups of whipped cream

2 Drops of Purple yam essence

60g Planed Almonds



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