👩‍🍳The most common tacos consist of a tortilla, a flatbread and a filling. The filling of a standard taco consists of minced meat, sliced ​​lettuce, chopped fresh tomatoes, onions and cheddar cheese. Usually a hot salsa is added. Of course there are lots of variations and additional ingredients. This one is made out of our Filipino pork adobo cooked using Toyomansi, a combination of Soy sauce and Calamansi with lots of garlic. It is also typical of a taco that it is basically eaten without cutlery, directly from the hand. As you see on this video down here how I ate.

Pork adobo tacos


4pcs Taco Shell

300g spork Striploin

2tbsp Rapeseed Oil

100g White Cheese

1pc Avocado

2pcs Tomato

1pc Red Onion

2 bunches of Romaine Lettuce

250g Sour cream

4tbsp Sweet Onion Bacon sauce

3tbsps Toyomansi

1 whole head Garlic

1tsp Chili in oil

Salt and Pepper

some Garlic Powder



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