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Happy Easter Monday everyone, from my kitchen to yours.🐣

My daughter’s request for Easter Monday sweet tooth. Tiramisu, still remember the last time I made this was 2012 on her birthday. Since then no homemade tiramisu at all. Not to forget I am type 2 diabetic. Anyway, it is Easter 🐣 Monday and Jen’s (niece) first Easter in Vienna. Enjoy a lot Cup of coffee with the well-chilled tiramisu! In this recipe no rum not just like the classic tiramisu with rum or amaretto. “Wir alle lieben italienisches Tiramisu.” We all love Italian tiramisu. A recipe for absolutely enjoyment, heavenly dessert to eat and taste delicious.🤤 Tiramisu recipes can be prepared in different ways. This is my version.

Tiramisu without Rum


30pcs Biscuits

500g Mascarpone

4pcs Eggs

100g Sugar

125ml Coffee

2tbsp Cocoa



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