🇵🇭WE MISS „GG“ (Galunggong-Blackfin Scad)

#goodfridaymealprep #lockdownday26 # covid19

May Your Faith In The Good, Bring Peace To Your Heart, This Good Friday And Always.

Remembering my late „Nanay“ (mother) during Good Friday she cook GG (galunggong) with vegetable for us. And that will be for lunch and dinner. Sometimes by the next day leftovers will again added to camote tops (talbos ng kamote). Simple dish, amazing health benefits. We don’t get fresh galunggong in europe only frozen unlike in the Philippines. But still if we are craving for it we have this option.

Today’s lunch with galunggong


1kg Blackfin Scad/ Galunggong

Some Vegetable Oil for frying Blackfin Scad/ Galunggong



Salt 🧂 for Blackfin Scad/ Galunggong

Bagoong Balayan Sauce for Vegetable

Vegetable broth

Squash/ Kalabasa

Eggplant 🍆 / Talong

Bitter gourd/ Ampalaya

Wide Bean


Sponge gourd/ Patola

Chili green not spicy



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