🇵🇭MUNG BEAN & HORSERADISH LEAF (Mungo at Malunggay)

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Why is the the tradition of Filipino the Mung Bean (Munggo) dish every Friday? Does anyone here knows why? Maybe because in the Philippines people gets their salary every Friday. On Thursday they running out of budget already to extend it mung bean is cheaper than meat. With this as alternative to meat you can extend the quantity by adding vegetable and pork fat like „chicharron“. It make sense, you have soup and vegetable as viand in cheaper cooking. Do you agree with me? Well what ever the reason why, here is from my kitchen today’s meal prepping.🤣

Munggo at Malunggay

I ate with my boiled African banana.🍌Served with plain rice 🍚 and fried fish (horse mackerel) see Video down here⬇️

Munggo, Malunggay at nilagang Saging🍌


a Cup of boiled Mung Bean

200g Pork Belly

1pc Onion 🧅

1pc Tomato 🍅

Salt 🧂 to taste

2tbsp Anchovy sauce, mix in vegetable broth

a bunch of Horseradish leaf (Malunggay leaves)

half a Liter or more Vegetable broth



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